World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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In the more than 60 years since Welthy Fisher founded the Literacy House in Lucknow, India, World Education has been helping people to transform their lives through education. World Education staff have continued Welthy's vision, sharing her commitment and dedication to helping those in need.

If you are interested in joining a dynamic staff of professionals dedicated to improving people's lives around the world, learn more about career opportunities with World Education in Boston and in the field. World Education staff are renowned for their technical excellence, commitment to client satisfaction, and contributions of new knowledge in education, and economic and social development programs. We seek team players with strong interpersonal skills and ability to work cross-culturally with others. We believe that we do our best work when individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives are fully engaged in our programs, and our staff embody our commitment to diversity in race, culture, geography, sexual orientation, and knowledge.