World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Technical Assistance and Coaching

World Education provides customized technical assistance and coaching to build the capacity of adult education systems, programs, institutions, and practitioners. We consult with our clients to develop products and processes that will make them more effective. As part of our technical assistance, we may also conduct evaluations and needs assessments.

Our coaching services encourage and support clients to develop their own education solutions. World Education helps clients stay the course as they implement the activities and services that will help accomplish their specific goals.


  • Assisting low-performing adult education programs to improve their internal processes and services in order to increase their adult learners' academic achievement.
  • Designing and conducting needs assessments and evaluations of programs and state systems.
  • Designing teacher mentoring models with training and support protocols.
  • Researching and writing papers on system impact and other topics.
  • Facilitating strategic planning processes.
  • Developing customized instructional content and support services.
  • Facilitating and supporting communities of practice.
  • Designing and implementing demonstration projects and pilot programs.
  • Developing requests for proposals (RFPs) and managing grantee selection processes.
  • Evaluating policies and practices to plan system-level initiatives.
  • Coaching and training for system-wide professional development.
  • Coaching states and practitioners to develop and implement adult education standards.
  • Coaching community colleges at the system and institution levels to implement effective program models that integrate basic skills with career and technical education.


Featured Projects

View details: Brookline Teen Job Readiness Assessment Project

Brookline Teen Job Readiness Assessment Project

This project assesses the workforce training programs for teens and young adults and is the first step in identifying strategies and developing the action plan to ensure that youth have the skills needed to be successful in a career of their choice.

View details: Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center Workplace Education Program

Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center Workplace Education Program

This project helps students to more effectively do their jobs and grow their careers, by offering workplace-based, contextualized ESOL classes through a new workplace education program called English for Seaport Team Members.

View details: Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline

Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline

We provide information to adult learners and volunteers about adult basic education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (EOSL) training, family literacy, citizenship, adult diploma programs, and high school equivalency preparation and testing sites.


Featured Resource







View details: GED Enhanced Program Graduate Finds College Success

GED Enhanced Program Graduate Finds College Success

David Kabanda is a recent graduate of NCTN's GED Enhanced Program.

View details: Engaging Adult Learners with Innovative Strategies

Engaging Adult Learners with Innovative Strategies

The stress of juggling work and family, compounded with anxieties about math and reading, can be crippling for even the most motivated adult learner.