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SABES Program Support Professional Development Center

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Service: Professional Development

Expertise: Career Pathways, College and Career Readiness, Integrating Technology in Learning, Learning Disabilities, Teacher Effectiveness and Educational Leadership


The Massachusetts adult education system is comprised of approximately 1,100 teachers, advisors, and program administrators. Each year, they assist approximately 18,000 adult students, particularly these with barriers to employment, to identify and achieve their education and career goals and gain economic self-sufficiency. High-quality professional development ensures that adult educators are equipped to align instruction with the ever-evolving workforce needs, skill demands, and educational technologies that result in student success.

World Education's SABES Program Support PD Center works in creative and responsive ways to provide professional development that builds the Massachusetts adult education system's capacity to maximize education and career opportunities for the adult learners we serve. We provide PD and coaching related to: program management and educational leadership; career pathways; education and career advising; digital literacy and distance education; diversity, equity, and inclusion; ADA resources and training; ABE License; and MIS systems. Our team also works to connect adults with programs that can meet their educational needs through the MA Adult Literacy Hotline.