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SABES Professional Development Coordination Center

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Services: Online Courses, Professional Development

Expertise: Career Pathways, College and Career Readiness, Teacher Effectiveness and Educational Leadership

Coordinating the Massachusetts Adult Education Professional Development System

Massachusetts adult education programs provide opportunities for adults to develop the literacy skills needed to earn their high school equivalencies, further their education, enroll in job training, and obtain better employment. There are currently 19,000 adult learners enrolled in these programs with another 15,000 on wait lists.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) funds the SABES professional development (PD) system that provides in-service training to teachers, directors, and support staff in the adult education programs that support these learners. ESE has designated World Education as the Coordination Center responsible for aligning and coordinating the work of the eight SABES PD Centers so they function as an integrated and cohesive system.

World Education collaborates with ESE to ensure that practitioners working in adult education programs have access to a unified system of high quality program development, staff development, and other supports to help their adult learners reach their full potential as a family members, productive workers, and citizens.

In 2017, World Education’s SABES Coordination Center provided more than 2400 hours of PD to 352 practitioners representing 93% of all adult education programs in Massachusetts. Our expertise includes online learning, data analysis, systems development, and coordinating statewide conferences. Our staff includes nationally certified trainers in the areas of reading, ESOL, program management, and educational leadership.


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