World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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In the United States, World Education supports older youth and adult learners by strengthening the educators, organizations, and systems that serve them. World Education is a national leader in building the adult education system's capacity to provide high-quality instruction and advising for adult learners. We collaborate with a wide range of governmental and nongovernmental partners to provide training, project design and management, resource development, and research grounded in program contexts. When adult learners further their education, they can improve their career options, advocate for their communities, and support their children's academic success.

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Featured Projects

E-learning PD

E-Learning Professional Development

Recognizing the potential of online tools to provide much-needed access to high-quality professional development for adult educators, World Education offers both self-paced and facilitated online courses.

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IDEAL Consortium

Raising the quality of blended and distance online learning across the United States through new educational technology innovations and collaborative research and practice.

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High School Equivalency Program for Out-of-School Migrant Youth

This project provides technology-enhanced secondary level educational services via Internet-ready tablets to out-of-school migrant youth who want to earn a high-school equivalency credential.