World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Integrating Technology in Learning

World Education helps educators to tap the potential of existing and emerging technologies to enhance their teaching and help students reach their goals faster. To that end, we design and offer professional development workshops, online courses, mobile apps, technical assistance, websites, and publications for educators on technology.

In addition to the use of technology in the classroom, computer applications and games, mobile learning solutions, and social media can accelerate learning as supplements to classroom work. Because adult basic education programs typically only offer 6-12 hours of instruction a week, adult learners—who juggle work, family and study responsibilities—can benefit greatly from effective self-study solutions offered by technology.

Visit World Education's EdTech Center, an online resource that works to meet the evolving education and training needs of under-educated adults and youth through high-quality, innovative services aimed at increasing local staff skills and program capacity. The EdTech Center supports educators and local partners in the integration of digital technologies into instruction, promotes digital literacy and access to accelerate learning, college and career readiness, and offers mobile and online learning opportunities.


Featured Projects

View details: Technology Testing for Adult Learning and Employment

Technology Testing for Adult Learning and Employment

To maximize the impact of tech tools that ETF invests in, we are field testing the tools and advising the developers on improvements and adaptations.

View details: English Now!

English Now!

World Education's EdTech Center is designing and piloting a project in five New England adult education programs, so those who want to learn English do not have to wait months to begin their study.

View details: IDEAL Consortium

IDEAL Consortium

Raising the quality of blended and distance online learning across the United States through new educational technology innovations and collaborative research and practice.


Featured Resources



View details: Integrating Technology into an 8-Week Pre-Employment Program

Integrating Technology into an 8-Week Pre-Employment Program

The reasoning, tools, and results of one teacher integrating technology into her adult education class.

View details: Is Everyone On?

Is Everyone On?

For some people, especially individuals with lower literacy skills, going online is a challenge. For those who are offline, the cost and skills needed to go online are key barriers.

View details: Mobile Apps Make Learning Accessible for Adult Students

Mobile Apps Make Learning Accessible for Adult Students

An interview with World Education's Steve Quann, Senior Advisor on Technology in Education.