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Immigrant Integration and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The United States is a nation of immigrants that is both enriched and challenged by the diversity of people who call this country their home. Immigrants’ contributions to and integration into U.S. society underlie the nation’s progress to date and its ability to thrive in the future. With nearly one in five U.S. workers being immigrant by 2030, and an increase in the number of people who speak English ‘less than well,’ programs that support immigrant integration and include English language skills will become increasingly important.

Adult education programs play a crucial role in integrating immigrants into U.S. communities. World Education works with state systems, education providers, and employers to help English Language Learners learn the skills and knowledge they need as workers, family and community members. In addition to English Language acquisition, our professional development covers a range of topics, such as working with limited literacy learners, English for the workplace, civic engagement, technology integration, and ESOL student persistence. Taking advantage of existing and emerging technologies, we design and offer professional development workshops, webinars, study circles, technical assistance, websites, and publications. We also conduct workplace needs assessments for employers and design and deliver workplace-education programs based on these assessments.

Featured Projects

View details: MA ESOL Standards Revision

MA ESOL Standards Revision

MA ESOL Standards revision to align them with the national College and Career Readiness and English Language Proficiency Standards allowing the field to be guided by one integrated standards document for more consistent programming across the state.

View details: English Now!

English Now!

World Education's EdTech Center is designing and piloting a project in five New England adult education programs, so those who want to learn English do not have to wait months to begin their study.

View details: Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center Workplace Education Program

Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center Workplace Education Program

This project helps students to more effectively do their jobs and grow their careers, by offering workplace-based, contextualized ESOL classes through a new workplace education program called English for Seaport Team Members.


Featured Resources



View details: Adult ESOL Programs as Agents of Immigrant Integration

Adult ESOL Programs as Agents of Immigrant Integration

Adult Education programs are in a strong position to weave language instruction with economic and civic integration activities.