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SABES Math Bulletin: Building Research Into Practice, Volume 2, Issue 4

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Mathematics education continues as a priority concern in educational policy circles. In this issue, we share excerpts from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel’s report: Foundations for Success. These excerpts share the rationale for the emphasis on mathematics in today’s educational system and highlight the need for increased attention to research regarding effective instructional strategies and policies, strengthening students’ early math education, and improving teacher preparation. With the issuance of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel’s report this spring, we also receive clear guidance regarding the area of major concern in mathematics curriculum: algebra. More detail about this report will be shared in later Bulletin issues.

Also in this issue, we include some “practitioner research” related to algebra. Two Massachusetts ABE instructors: Susan Kahlbaugh and Marilyn Moses, investigated their students’ understanding of the equal sign. We share the results here, along with a related math activity.

As we prepare for fall classes, it will be helpful to consider how we teach mathematics to adults to ensure understanding, as well as passing test scores. In particular, it seems, we will be well-advised to contemplate how we teach and how students learn algebra. World Education, 2008.

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