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Mathematizing ESOL I: Integrating Whole Number Operations

Photo uploaded by Sydney Breteler
The idea of integrating math into the ESOL classroom originated with ESOL teachers and students who saw both the need and the opportunity to learn math skills for employment, academics, and daily life. ESOL lessons are often contextualized using themes such as shopping, banking, and employment — topics where math is inherent. The wonderful reality about teaching ESOL in adult education is that learners are eager to learn and are grateful for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally – and that includes being fluent in basic math skills.

This course is designed to help ESOL teachers build conceptual understanding of math topics around whole numbers and to offer strategies for integration of math into ESOL instruction. The intention is to encourage teachers to look for where, when, and how it makes sense to include math in lessons while continuing to focus on language acquisition and effective communication.

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