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Change Agent Issue 35: Tales of Resilience

Photo uploaded by Leah Peterson
What inspires us to try to respond to and recover from difficulties? What actually enables us to respond and recover? In this inspiring issue of The Change Agent, writers explore how our communities and families often rally to soften or deflect a blow -- and perhaps even change the conditions that created the blow. Read stories about how individuals, neighborhoods, and whole communities have drawn strength and persevered to respond to challenges and create change. Whether it's a story about a newly diagnosed HIV patient, ESOL students who have lost the only bus line in their neighborhood, or a community that's been deserted by its principal employer, these stories will inspire you, build your resolve, equip you with action steps, and encourage you to notice the resiliency and strength in yourself and in the people and communities around you. This issue is now out of print, but can be downloaded from our website with an online subscription. World Education, September 2012.

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