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Gender Gap in Student Achievement in Jordan Study report

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This study identifies student and school level factors, such as school, teacher, and student characteristics that might affect male and female student achievement differently. Moreover, it provides information that will directly inform national and school-based reform plans designed to ensure quality education for all students in Jordan, irrespective of gender.

This study seeks to identify student and school level factors, including school, teacher, and student characteristics that explain the gap in student achievement between females and males in Jordan, where girls outperform boys.

Using data from international assessments (TIMSS, PISA), as well as local assessments (NAfKE and National Test) and focus groups to find the magnitude of the performance gap between girls and boys, this study also investigates factors associated with the gap in different assessments over time and seeks to understand how those factors operate.

Besides identifying various relevant factors, this study offers a number of policy options to both narrow the gap and to improve overall student achievement. World Education, 2014.

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