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USAID | Aprender a Ler Multilingual Books: O que semeamos na machamba

Download Portuguese version of this publication
This early grade multi-language reading book features Portuguese as well as three Mozambican local languages.

The USAID|Aprender a Ler program, along with local and international specialists, developed a set of 7 read aloud books for the local northern Mozambican languages of Emakua, Echuwabo and Elomwé. While the books can be used more widely to promote reading activities, they were created for integration into the ApaL G1 reading program.

During the first 12 weeks of school, G1 teachers read the stories in the local language, then ask comprehension questions afterward. If the teacher has difficulties reading in the local language, s/he can also use audio recordings created by the program (also available through WEI). Each book has been incorporated appropriately into USAID|ApaL lesson plans. The books are used primarily to support vocabulary and comprehension for young students. World Education, 2015.

Download Portuguese Version   (PDF,  2.90 MB)