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Peer Educators' Session Manual: HIV/AIDS Peer Education for Upper Primary Students

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There are nearly 12 million youth living with HIV and AIDS worldwide, and at least one-in-three who are sexually active have contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI). The need for peer education programs is immense, and can foster positive behavior change among youth. This manual is a guide for peer educators in the delivery of HIV and AIDS, teen pregnancy, and STI educational lessons for upper primary school students. It was produced by the Strengthening HIV/AIDS Partnerships in Education II (SHAPE II) project to provide uniform structure and content to its peer education program. With this manual, peer educators are given: knowledge and skills to support their peers in developing positive values for making healthy decisions about sex; encouragement to serve as role models; and leadership skills. The sessions in this manual were designed using a participatory approach. They are challenging and fun, and allow for a range of communications skills to be developed, and build confidence and self-esteem in youth.

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