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World Education Board Member Leads Women's Philanthropy Group

June 26, 2018

World Education’s Board of Trustees Development Committee Chair, Farida Kathawalla co-founded Circle of Hope, a collective-giving philanthropy program for women.

The giving circle was started to inspire, educate, and empower women philanthropists through the power of collective giving to positively impact the lives of underprivileged girls and women.

“We had an idea of bringing together like-minded women at a more intimate and serious level, and embark on a journey of Philanthropy together to support women in India who do not have many opportunities” said Farida Kathawalla and Nirmala Garimella, co-founders of Circle of Hope. “We are so glad that this year-long journey has culminated with sixteen amazing women who share the same passion. We are so grateful to them for making this possible.”


The Giving Circle members include Preetha Chally, Neeru Oberoi, Pratima Srinivasan, Nalini Sharma, Anu Chitrapu, Mona Godbole, Namita Krishnan, Sangita Thakore, BJ Selenkow-Rippberger,Vaithehi Muttulingam, Ratti Handa, Maegan Oberoi, Shikha Malhotra and Sharda Kaul, Farida Kathawalla, and Nirmala Garimella.

Circle of Hope recently contributed $25,000 to the American India Foundation to empower women with disabilities.