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Combating Human Trafficking in Nepal

August 10, 2017

Helen Sherpa, World Education Nepal country director, discusses challenges for organizations that work to prevent trafficking in a series of interviews with The Nepali Times.

In this video, Ms. Sherpa highlights the importance of numeracy and financial literacy for at-risk girls and young women like Sumitra.

Since 1976, World Education has been partnering with Nepali organizations and the government to achieve equity in education for disadvantaged groups, combat poverty through livelihoods development, and prevent human trafficking and exploitative labor. We work with communities vulnerable to trafficking and provide services to people who have been trafficked in the commercial sex industry, children who have worked in hazardous brick factories and other industries, and international labor migrants trafficked into exploitative labor.

World Education works with partners to use education interventions to complement psycho-social care, health, and legal services for more effective reintegration of trafficking survivors. Successful strategies incorporate non-formal education, scholarships, and support to return to school, vocational skill training, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Ongoing engagement with trafficking survivors helps World Education and its partners understand evolving trends in trafficking and tailor prevention efforts in response.

Learn more about World Education’s work to mitigate trafficking in Nepal: