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World Education project in Ghana highlighted for transitioning out-of-school children to school

July 16, 2017

World Education is transitioning children who are out of school into formal schools in the Tolon district of Ghana through the Complementary Basic Education (CBE) program. World Education Ghana is one of 10 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Ghana implementing the CBE program. Thus far, World Education has enrolled 1,035 students—487 males and 548 females—who have graduated and transitioned into formal schools.

The CBE is a five-year project focused on giving children between the ages of eight and fourteen who have not attended school access to education. Over a period of just nine months, the children are taught basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills in their mother tongue using accelerated literacy strategies contextualised to their community. They are then ready to join a primary school for the first time.

The overall goal of the CBE programe is to complement the formal school system by increasing enrollment, and pilot the use of locally adopted teaching methodologies. World Education is a subcontractor to Crown Agents on the project.

Learn more about the program and World Education’s role in Ghana in The Graphic Online newspaper article, 192,000 Out-of-school children transition into formal school.