World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Schools are the epicenters of learning--but a school that is mismanaged or fails to provide students with the education they need can jeopardize future success. Many schools are overcrowded, with too many students per teacher. Teachers may also require training, or teach curricula that is above their students’ actual grade level. Schools in developing countries often charge fees that prevent low-income students from attending, or lack enough learning materials for each student. Even if schools have access to technology, they may not have the infrastructure to keep the technology running long-term. Teachers may also be unaware of how the technology works, so it remains virtually useless in a classroom.

World Education supports schools to counter these issues and improve the quality of learning they provide. We work with school administrators to supplement or relieve school fees for the poorest students by establishing income-generating activities at their schools. We train teachers to become more effective educators and provide curricula that get students back on track and learning at the appropriate level. We also train teachers how to use computers and related technology and design lessons for students to specifically use with this technology. We also design and implement systems that allow classroom technology to avoid electrical shortages and software malfunctions so that it remains a reliable learning tool.

Featured Projects

View details: Essential GBV Services and Prevention Project in Malawi

Essential GBV Services and Prevention Project in Malawi

Bantwana is addressing on school-related gender-based violence prevention through an integrated approach that is strengthening the resilience of vulnerable adolescents and their families.

View details: Egypt Literate Village

Egypt Literate Village

World Education is working to increase rural mothers’ abilities to contribute to their children’s primary education ultimately to ensure that both mothers and children have the necessary literacy skills for continuous learning and self-improvement.

View details: Let Them Learn (Waache Wasome)

Let Them Learn (Waache Wasome)

Waache Wasome (Let Them Learn) works to improve enrollment and retention of adolescent girls in secondary school and influence harmful negative perceptions about the value of girls’ education.


Featured Resources



View details: Breaking the Cycle of Child Labor: Sharadha's Story

Breaking the Cycle of Child Labor: Sharadha's Story

After enrolling in a nonformal education class targeting children who are forced to work in the brick industry, Sharadha was able to transition back to formal school.

View details: Star Scholar Urges Classmates to Stay in School

Star Scholar Urges Classmates to Stay in School

An Mally, age 12, knows that it is very important to attend school regularly.

View details: ConnectEd Ignites a Change

ConnectEd Ignites a Change

Before ConnectEd, Josh lacked self-confidence and was not able to identify any of his strengths.