World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Education Management Information Systems

World Education has industry leading experience and expertise in supporting national, district, and school-level education management information systems (EMIS). EMIS development is considered part of the institutional monitoring and evaluation system frameworks in many ministries of education with which we work. World Education staff have worked with ministries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East to develop, maintain and improve information systems and M&E systems in the education sector. Routine data collection, indicators analysis and reporting, and data-driven policy brief development are part of our expertise portfolio.

Featured Projects

View details: School Health and Reading Program

School Health and Reading Program

Building on previous USAID and Uganda investments in health and HIV education, this program is enhancing existing curricula and testing and evaluating interventions that have an impact on improved knowledge and behavior change.

View details: Egypt Education Reform Program (ERP)

Egypt Education Reform Program (ERP)

The Education Reform Project prioritized community mobilization and life skills and literacy training. It also decentralized Egypt’s education system so that parents could become more involved in their children’s education.




Featured Resources





View details: Learning, Growing, and Learning to Grow

Learning, Growing, and Learning to Grow

At the Learning Farm, former street kids learn about organic farming and build skills that will enable them to have a productive future.

View details: Helping Girls in Need Gain an Education

Helping Girls in Need Gain an Education

Asonah Nma is a second grade student at the Vea Primary School in the Upper East region in Ghana. When she was younger, Asonah was stricken with polio which left her handicapped.

View details: Changing Attitudes Means More Girls in School

Changing Attitudes Means More Girls in School

"Please educate me if you love me," was nine-year old Yasmine's plea to her father.