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Empowering and Mobilizing People Living with HIV (EMPower)

Dates: 2010-2012

Country: Ghana

Client(s): USAID

Service: Capacity Building

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Information and Communication Technologies, HIV and AIDS

Supporting most at-risk populations to take HIV preventative measures

In Ghana, stigmatization of most at risk populations, such as males having sex with males or female commercial sex workers, prevents the most at-risk populations from accessing and receiving support on HIV prevention. The USAID-funded EMPower program (Empowering and Mobilizing People Living with HIV) will address this gap by working closely with local Ghanaian HIV&AIDS support groups to actively participate in HIV prevention efforts and access the treatment, care, and support services that they need.

Using a participatory approach, EMPower engaged national level HIV/AIDS support networks to build up and train the local level support groups to better serve their members. A major component of EMPower was the advocacy and awareness-raising activities, which involved the use of a bulk text messaging campaign. Using bulk text messaging, EMPower was able to confidentially communicate important HIV prevention and treatment messages to subscribers.

It is estimated that over 3,500 people living with HIV benefited from EMPower through capacity building efforts with the support groups and 507 bulk message campaign subscribers regularly benefited from the SMS text messages.