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Youth on the Move

Dates: 2008-2015

Countries: Cambodia, China, Nepal

Client(s): Oak Foundation

Service: Capacity Building

Expertise: Child Labor and Trafficking Prevention, Girls' and Women's Education, Life Skills Training, Sustainable Agriculture/Food Security, Youth

Youth on the Move (YOTM) is World Education's regional safe migration initiative and from 2010-2015 project staff implemented activities in three countries in Asia: China, Nepal and Cambodia. The Initiative centered on addressing the education and health needs of migrant youth, and vulnerable youth who are potential migrants, through interventions such as literacy, post literacy, life skills, specific workplace preparation and livelihood development programs for out-of-school youth; extra curricula activities, teacher training, school management capacity building and curricula enhancement for in-school youth; child protection system strengthening; policy and advocacy; and local capacity building.

Through Youth on the Move, World Education engaged local partners working in youth-focused services in a process to identify the factors that make migrating youth vulnerable, assess current intervention gaps, and design and implement new activities. Through carefully evaluated implementation, practitioners acquired an evidence-based understanding of what works to improve migrant and potential migrant youths' life options and reduce the incidence of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

In Cambodia, World Education implemented the Initiative directly, working with government staff of Provincial and District Offices of the Ministries of Education, Women's Affairs, Social Affairs and Labor. World Education provided training and on-the-job technical assistance to support local working groups at the community and district level. In Nepal and China, World Ed partnered with local NGOs and provided technical assistance.

In recent surveys with youth who had been in the program several years ago in Cambodia, all cited skills and information they had gained from Youth on the Move that they still use today. Basic literacy and numeracy; socio-emotional, communication and relationship competencies; ICT skills; knowledge about safer migration, gender-based violence and domestic violence, health, hygiene, and nutrition; and, financial literacy and basic income generation came out as the most important skills and knowledge gained, and the ones most needed and valued since their participation in the program.

In Nepal, a survey with past participants found improvements in Nepali language, math, health, and ways of communication were major Youth on the Move impacts. Youth reported improved sanitation at home, use of newly gained financial management skills to manage their home and work finances, and increased discussion of issues at home such as child rights, child labor, sex abuse, human trafficking, and safe migration as the most important changes in their daily lives after Youth on the Move.


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