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Strategic Approaches to Girls’ Education (STAGE)

Country: Ghana

Client(s): Department for International Development (DFID), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - Fund Manager

Services: Assessment, Capacity Building, Curriculum Development, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Teacher Training, Technical Assistance

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Youth, Basic Education for Children and Adults, Girls' and Women's Education

The Strategic Approaches to Girls’ Education (STAGE) project lowers the barriers that girls face in achieving an education by providing formal and nonformal education tracks. The initiative operates in six regions of Ghana, specifically targeting districts and communities where high levels of extreme poverty, in combination with deep-seated traditional and social norms, negatively impact women and girls.

STAGE will focus on girls who are highly vulnerable and systematically marginalized due to factors such as early marriage, pregnancies, disabilities, and others.

STAGE, a consortium led by World Education with local NGO partners, including Afrikids, Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems, Pronet, Link Community Development, Prolink, Ghana Red Cross, Olinga Foundation, and the International Child Development Programme, will work together to improve learning outcomes in numeracy, literacy, and life skills, and to establish relevant and appropriate partnerships and pathways for the successful transition of more than 20,000 girls between ages 10 and 19.