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Girls Access to Education in Bihar (GATE-Bihar), India

Dates: 2006-2009

Country: India

Client(s): Oak Foundation

Service: Capacity Building

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Basic Education for Children and Adults, Child Labor and Trafficking Prevention, Girls' and Women's Education

The GATE-Bihar program worked with three local NGOs in Bihar to improve life options for adolescent girls from tribal groups, other scheduled castes, and more conservative communities in Bihar through educational, health, livelihood and policy interventions. Each aspect of the GATE-Bihar intervention included girls, their families and their communities as central players in the design and implementation of the program. The three partner NGOs were members of the Bihar Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC) Network.

The GATE-Bihar curriculum included basic literacy and numeracy, extensive information on health and sanitation, as well as information on child rights, trafficking and, safe migration. The GATE-Bihar Program model was implemented at the grassroots level by local NGOs working closely with communities to carry out a village orientation programs that build awareness of girls' education and trafficking issues across the community. NGOs worked with each community to establish class management committees that recruited girls to participate in the meeting and then assist with the on-going management of the classes. Each GATE class was taught by a local facilitator who is trained and supervised by the local NGO partners. The class management committee worked with local education officials to help girls who graduate from the GATE Program transition into primary school. If girls did not go to primary school, the GATE Program provided them with training in appropriate and viable livelihoods.

World Education's GATE-Bihar Program built on program efforts started in 1998 in districts on the Nepal side of the border where World Education Nepal and its local partners developed the highly successful Girls Access to Education (GATE) Program for out-of-school girls. In Nepal, the GATE Program reaches over 6,000 girls per year. In the first year of the GATE-Bihar project, our three partner NGOs adapted the GATE materials in classes for adolescent girls from border districts of Bihar with Nepal, and reviewed and revised the materials for wider use by other NGOs in the region, over time.

The three-year GATE-Bihar program was part of a larger World Education initiative in Bihar that included working with NGOs involved in the DFID-funded PACS program that focuses on poverty alleviation strategies in the state. GATE-Bihar was also linked to a similar initiative taking place between World Education India and four NGOs in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh which began in February 2006 and built on four years of preparatory project work in the region.

World Education successfully implemented GATE-Bihar from 2006 to 2009. For further information about this project's activities, please contact