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Improving Education in Loulo Mine Communities 2017

Dates: 2017-2018

Country: Mali

Client(s): Other

Services: Capacity Building, Teacher Training, Technical Assistance

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults, Girls' and Women's Education

Since 2013, the Loulo Gold Mine (in French, Société des Mines de Loulo, S.A. or SOMILO), a subsidiary of the Randgold Corporation, has partnered with World Education to improve the quality of education in mine communities. SOMILO supports projects implemented by World Education to increase student retention, train teachers, and build the capacity of school managers, community groups, and local education officials.

Improving Education in Loulo Mine Communities 2017 is the third collaboration between SOMILO and World Education and builds on the success of prior projects in the nine villages abutting the SOMILO mines in the communes of Kenieba and Sitakily in the region of Kayes. Lasting seven months from July 2017 to January 2018, with generous support from SOMILO, the current program aims to:

  • Improve girls retention through community engagement, achievement awards, and support to in-home remedial groups and school management committees.
  • Improve student performance in school by supporting teacher training officials in in-service teacher training, teacher monitoring, and support for quality student-centered teaching and learning approaches.
  • Reinforce the capacity of actors in the decentralized management of education, including local ministry officials, parent-teacher and mother's associations, and school management committees.

World Education expects that the majority of girls in the target area will benefit from enrollment and retention activities and that more than half of schools will be able to demonstrate a favorable learning environment for both boys and girls. Community management structures will also demonstrate a similar level of proficiency in executing their role in supporting the school.