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Girls' Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO)

Dates: 2008-2012

Country: Egypt

Client(s): USAID

Services: Capacity Building, Education Management Information Systems, Teacher Training

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults, Civil Society Development, Girls' and Women's Education


Girls' Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO) is a three-year project which aims to increase the educational enrollment and achievement of girls in basic, primary and preparatory schools in Egypt. World Education, Inc. plays a lead technical role in the GILO consortium led by RTI that works with multiple stakeholders to support the implementation of Egypt's strategy of school-based reform (SBR) in local communities and idarras, chiefly in Upper Egypt. The key stakeholders of GILO include: teachers, board of trustees, school administrators and supervisors, students, parents, community representatives, and the staff of concerned government agencies at district, governorate and national levels.

World Education's role through GILO is to expand equitable access to and coverage of K-9 education for children, especially girls, and to improve school management and administration and broaden community participation in education to ensure accountability for quality improvements at the school level. More specifically, World Education provides communities with the wherewithal to expand girls' access; raise instructional quality; improve school management, leadership and administration; and sustain quality improvements at the school level through innovative school expansion programs that introduce alternative construction, maintenance, and expansion solutions such as add-on classrooms, community/school-based maintenance programs through school self assessment (SSA) and school improvement plans (SIPs), and multi-grade classrooms.

(For more information on our SSA/SIP approach, check out our World Education-produced short docu-film on School Improvement Planning).

A key World Education strategy is to build capacity of school Board of Trustees (BOTs) and social work supervisors to provide good governance and accountability to schools for self-improvement and education reform, especially in the area of expansion of girls' access and participation. Through GILO, World Education has worked with communities where BOTs are weak to establish Community Education Teams (CETs) as a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees (BOT) to collect school and community data and conduct Participatory Situational Analyses (PSAs) to determine community and school conditions, public concerns about education, and challenges and priorities in regards to girls' enrollment and achievement in schools. To date GILO has trained approximately 100 CETs, over half of project target numbers. In addition, GILO has worked with GILO target communities and schools to establish and mobilize each school's BOT through democratic elections and increased women's participation and leadership. By fall 2009, fully 27% of all newly elected members are now women.

Strengthening local capacity and fostering self-reliance through a trainer of trainers (TOT) approach is central to WEI programs worldwide. World Education has employed this approach in GILO by building capacity of district and school social workers through TOTs to train BOT members from on roles and responsibilities and capacity building for good governance in schools. In addition, World Education has trained selected administrators, Ministry of Education (MOE) advisors, and senior teachers through TOTs in effective school leadership and management for school administrators from GILO-supported schools.

World Education supports and builds sustainability for school governance and leadership trainings by working with schools to provide technical support in the use of data for decision making, including planning for the establishment of school management information systems for over all project-supported schools.


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