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Dreams Innovation Challenge: Tanzania

Dates: 2016-2019

Country: Tanzania

Client(s): Department of State

Service: Technical Assistance

Expertise: Youth, Girls' and Women's Education, HIV and AIDS

In Tanzania, where a staggering 44% of adolescent girls have given birth or are pregnant before the age of 19, teen mothers are among the most vulnerable adolescents in Tanzania, and are effectively “locked out” of accessing public education. Although there have been concerted advocacy efforts for policy change to provide education options for pregnant girls and teen mothers, there has been little progress. This is partly due to the widespread conviction among Tanzanian citizens and policy-makers that pregnant girls are to blame for their situation and therefore should not be allowed to attend school.

In response to this situation, World Education's Bantwana Initiative, through the DREAMS Innovation Challenge program, is targeting 20 public secondary schools to reduce dropout rates for girls. The program will identify and address key drivers of drop outs at school and within the community. Bantwana will equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to create a safe, girl-friendly environment in schools, and also provide more than 1,200 adolescent boys and girls in school clubs with critical information on retaining girls in school, and engage communities on the importance of educating girls and keeping them in school.