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Sanga-Sangai – The Learning Together Project

Dates: 2015-2019

Country: Nepal

Client(s): Anonymous

Services: Capacity Building, Curriculum Development

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults, Girls' and Women's Education

The densely populated Terai region is home to the largest numbers of socially and economically disadvantaged families in Nepal. Located in the tropical plains bordering India, the Terai is culturally distinct and was at the center of the ancient Mithilia Kingdom. Because the Terai is less integrated into mainstream Nepali society, its people face discrimination, and these districts do not receive resources proportionate to their populations.

Targeted, immediate interventions are necessary to promote accountability in schools as well as foster transparency in education programming and resourcing that will allow girls from marginalized communities to succeed in school. The devastating earthquakes of April and May 2015 have refocused government, NGO, and donor efforts in the most heavily earthquake-impacted districts surrounding Kathmandu. While this is essential, the international response to the earthquakes is likely to lead to even greater neglect in Nepal’s poorest districts in the southern Terai.

With funding from a private donor, The Learning Together project will give 20,000 girls in Nepal’s most disadvantaged Terai region the opportunity to gain basic literacy and numeracy skills, valuable health knowledge, and support to join the formal education system over three years. To increase the impact of these interventions on girls’ lives, mothers will be engaged through intergenerational activities, non-formal education, and the arts so that they can support their daughters’ learning at home, enable their daughters to join and persist in formal schooling, and motivate members of the community to support girls learning. Learning Together will work with schools to help them better meet the needs of girls who are entering the formal education system.


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