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Peace Corps Mozambique Literacy Training and Evaluation Services

Dates: 2016-2017

Country: Mozambique

Client(s): US Peace Corps

Services: Assessment, Capacity Building, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Technical Assistance

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults, Early Childhood Development, Girls' and Women's Education

World Education and Peace Corps (PC) Mozambique continue their partnership to support the Community Library Program (CLP). In 2015, World Education conducted an evaluation of the CLP, a project that is implemented across Mozambique by Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and their counterparts as a secondary project. For 2016, World Education will integrate literacy training, support, and logistics into their work in addition to continuing monitoring and evaluation services.

The overall goal of the CLP is the improvement of early grade reading outcomes through literacy activities and services, as well as strengthened parental and community engagement. The focus of the program is to increase the quantity of time children practice reading outside the classroom, a crucial factor for enhancing reading outcomes in the early grades. PCVs receive training, books, materials, and support to begin small community libraries with a focus on sustainability and counterpart training. Each Community Library promotes early grade reading activities through service learning activities and related youth leadership development opportunities.

World Education will work to train PCVs and their counterparts in literacy and community library, in addition to selecting books, distributing starter library kits, providing technical support in literacy activities, and conducting high-level evaluation services using both the early grade literacy assessment tool and specifically designed tools for PCVs and their libraries. World Education will also begin to use mobile data collection on a regular basis to help PCVs and their counterparts stay on track and to ensure interventions are made easier when World Education support is needed.