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Tanzania Community Health and Social Welfare System Strengthening Program (CHSSP)

Country: Tanzania

Client(s): USAID

Services: Capacity Building, Technical Assistance

Expertise: Civil Society Development

World Education/Bantwana Initiative is a partner with JSI on the USAID/PEPFAR funded Community Health and Social Welfare System Strengthening Program (CHSSP) in Tanzania (2014-2019). CHSSP strives to create an enabling environment where government and civil society are confident, efficient, and equipped with appropriate skillsets to design, manage, implement, and monitor high-quality health and social service programming.

Within CHSSP, World Education/Bantwana serves as the technical lead on social welfare, working with the Government of Tanzania to expand the social welfare workforce with a special emphasis on communities. World Education/Bantwana Initiative supports national-level collaboration, leadership and capacity building in social welfare and protection to increase access to and quality of services for people living with HIV, adolescent girls and young women, and vulnerable children and their families.

World Education/Bantwana provides technical expertise and support to the Government of Tanzania to strengthen the health and social welfare workforce so they can better provide needed services. The project is also expanding the para-social worker model. Bantwana is also leading efforts to develop a comprehensive referral and linkages system using a case management approach. This referral system will link community and facility structures and actors to ensure that vulnerable children and their families receive the range of social welfare, protection, and health services they need.

CHSSP is implemented in 42 high HIV-prevalence districts across Tanzania.