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Technology for Education Systems Transformation (TEST)

Dates: 2014-2015

Country: Cambodia

Client(s): Development Innovations, Other, USAID

Services: Assessment, Curriculum Development, ICTs in Education

Expertise: Information and Communication Technologies, Basic Education for Children and Adults

Continuous assessment is a necessary element of early-grade reading instruction, to ensure that student learning is progressing and that appropriate interventions are applied for struggling students. In Cambodia, previous to World Education's TRAC pilot program, which introduced a paper assessment of early-grade reading assessment, no such continuous assessment system was in place.

Results of the TRAC pilot project (2012-2014), demonstrated significant gains in the reading proficiency of students in participating schools, when compared to their peers at control schools. The Technology for Education Systems Transformation (TEST) project seeks to build upon that success by designing and implementing a fully digitized, automated assessment tool to eliminate error and bias in scoring, and to help teachers manage student score data more effectively.

The focus of the TEST project is the design and testing of an app for the grade 1-2 reading assessment, and the project includes the testing of that app in ten schools across three Cambodian provinces. By project end, an estimated 2,700 Grade 1 and Grade 2 students, in addition to 40 teachers, 10 librarians, and 10 school directors will have directly benefited from the project.

Check out a photo essay about World Education's work under the TEST project: Learning to Read.


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