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Accessing Information About Migration and Safety (AIMS)

Dates: 2013-2015

Country: Cambodia

Client(s): Dream Blue Foundation, Other

Service: ICTs in Education

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Youth, Information and Communication Technologies, Child Labor and Trafficking Prevention, Girls' and Women's Education, HIV and AIDS


In Cambodia, many youth migrate in search of work opportunities. When traveling from rural provinces to urban areas and overseas, Cambodia youth face many challenges, including: a limited social network, poor understanding of available resources, higher cost of living, potential exploitation, limited knowledge of their rights under Cambodian labor law, limited ability to manage money, and poor living conditions.

With funding support from the Dream Blue Foundation (DBF), a corporate foundation of Blue Telcom, Inc., World Education has developed Cambodia’s first ever Khmer-language website and accompanying Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system aimed specifically at providing migrant or potential migrant youth with information to help them stay safe. Before the AIMS project, few online resources and no online training programs existed in Khmer for migrant youth. Through such a platform, AIMS 1) provides and increases access to important information that will help youth migrate safely and improve their chances of better work and life outcomes and 2) builds youths’ ICT skills to effectively use the Internet as a tool for gathering information and communicating with others.

At the completion of the project in March 2015, AIMS materials had provided thousands of Cambodian youth with information about safe migration, with more than 9,400 visits to the website, 2,500 calls to the IVR system, 1,600 likes of the facebook page, and over 200 peer educators trained.

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