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Ghana Local Language Literacy Pilot

Dates: 2014-2016

Country: Ghana

Client(s): World Education, Inc.

Services: Capacity Building, Teacher Training

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults, Early Childhood Development

World Education is implementing a 2-year pilot program to enhance mother tongue (Akwapim Twi language) literacy acquisition and improve English as a second language instruction in Ghana. The pilot targets first grade classrooms in 120 schools in the Akropong North district in the Eastern Region. The program aims to bridge the gap between teacher instruction and the National Literacy Acceleration Program (NALAP) curriculum materials through the development of revised curriculum materials, supplementary teaching and learning materials, teacher training, and supervisory/coaching support to foster improved student literacy outcomes in the early grades.

World Education’s local language literacy pilot specifically addresses important gaps in teacher training by training and coaching teachers to effectively teach reading skills that children need in the early grades. World Education’s participatory approach incorporates international best-practice and pedagogical methods to both local language and English as a second language literacy instruction materials. World Education also draws on local expertise to identify strengths and gaps in local language instruction.