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Jordan Youth Project Evaluation

Dates: 2011

Country: Jordan

Client(s): USAID/Jordan

Services: Assessment, Education Management Information Systems, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Youth, Information and Communication Technologies, Civil Society Development

World Education was engaged by USAID to evaluate the Youth Work Jordan project.

World Education's evaluation used a range of methods, interviews, surveys, and focus groups to address three major areas of interests: 1) current project achievements against expected outcomes; 2) clients’ satisfaction and comments; and 3) the current project model and implementation approach.

Findings included: Youth Work Jordan (YWJ) has made tremendous efforts to improve youth prospects for employment through training, civic engagement, and other social and volunteering activities and has organized and managed a large and complex project implementation in a challenging environment. However, YWJ has fallen behind its expected outcome targets in almost all project goal areas, including the provision of training, employment, civic engagement and volunteering, youth-friendly services, and youth policy. World Education's evaluation examined factors that could explain this underachievement: Over-estimated targets or under-estimated challenges, the implementation model itself, or because of weak local capacity in managing and implementing project components?


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