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Uganda HIV/AIDS Integrated Model District Program (AIM)

Dates: 2001-2006

Country: Uganda

Client(s): USAID

Expertise: HIV and AIDS


As one of the first African countries to respond proactively to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Uganda became a model for other nations around the world in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Over the last decade, Uganda has successfully reduced rates of HIV infection by mobilizing actors in both the public and private sectors to develop sustained education, prevention, and care programs. Despite this significant progress, successful services are not uniformly available throughout the country and many areas remain critically underserved. In the AIDS/HIV Integrated Model District Program (AIM), implemented in partnership with John Snow, Inc., World Education worked to scale up and replicate successful HIV/AIDS interventions by strengthening selected districts to plan, implement and monitoring a range of essential HIV/AIDS services. While these services span the entire spectrum of HIV/AIDS support, ranging from education campaigns, clinical treatment, and home-based care to voluntary counseling and testing, the goal remained consistent: to strengthen Uganda's capacity to effectively respond to the next generation of HIV/AIDS needs.

World Education and JSI successfully implemented AIM for USAID from 2001 to 2006. For further information about this project's activities, please contact


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