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Faisons Ensemble

Dates: 2007-2010

Country: Guinea

Client(s): USAID

Service: Capacity Building

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Sustainable Agriculture/Food Security, Civil Society Development, Girls' and Women's Education, HIV and AIDS

Bringing the Values of Good Governance and Democracy into the villages of Guinea

Soon after the major political instability incident in January 2007, Faisons Ensemble was launched to address the country’s good governance and democracy issues. As a member of a consortium led by Research Triangle Institute, World Education played a vital role in the Faisons Ensemble participatory and grassroots level approach. World Education led Faison Ensemble’s NGO capacity building efforts in organizational development and management, including with the civil society organizations (community, regional and national levels). The goal of these efforts was to empower these organizations with the skills to hold their local and national governments accountable. Through functional literacy courses, community mobilization, and local media, World Education increased citizens’ access to information regarding their rights, roles, and responsibilities, especially in regards to social and government accountability. Specifically in the education sector, World Education worked with the Ministry of Education to create a civic education curriculum for use in the public schools, and raised awareness in communities about the importance of transparency and fighting corruption within the schools and school system.