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Zimbabwe National Case Management System

Dates: 2012-2018

Country: Zimbabwe

Client(s): UNICEF

Service: Capacity Building

Expertise: Youth, HIV and AIDS


In 2010, for every one social worker in Zimbabwe, there were 49,587 children in need. These children were vulnerable due to poverty, economic instability, and many were orphaned due to HIV epidemic, where in Zimbabwe, nearly one in four children has lost one or both parents—85% as a result of AIDS. As a result, World Education’s Bantwana Initiative began supporting the Department of Child Welfare and Probation Services (DCWPS) to develop a National Case Management System that provides child protection services, referrals, support, and adherence to HIV care and treatment for the most vulnerable populations across Zimbabwe.

Through Bantwana’s support to the DCWPS, a National Case Management System was successfully developed, implemented, and scaled up nationally across all 65 districts of Zimbabwe.

The Case Management model centers on case care workers (CCWs): trusted community volunteers who often already assist vulnerable children through local child protection committees. Under the Case Management model, case care workers receive the following tools to be able to identify and provide valuable protection services:

- Skills to identify, reach, and respond to vulnerable children who need assistance.
- A comprehensive understanding of community services and methods to make and follow up on referrals sent to community and government providers.
- An understanding of case reporting structures and protocols between the community, district, and national structures.

To achieve the successful design and implementation of the model, from 2010 – 2014, Bantwana built the capacity of the DCWPS through policy framework development, workforce strengthening, and integrating government and community service providers to improve coordination of referrals through the system. Nationally adopted in 2014, this system provides child protection services, referrals, support and adherence to HIV care and treatment for the most vulnerable populations across Zimbabwe.

Bantwana continues to support the second phase of strengthening the National Case Management System, focusing on improving utilization of case data, building the capacity of districts and local ministries to implement the system, and streamlining the referral coordination systems.


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