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Improving Trauma Care

Dates: 2016-2014

Country: Laos

Client(s): US Department of State

Services: Capacity Building, Technical Assistance

Expertise: Life Skills Training, Microfinance and Livelihoods Development, Civil Society Development


From 1964 to 1973 Laos suffered from some of the heaviest aerial bombing in world history, the equivalent of one planeload of bombs dropped every eight minutes around the clock for nine years. Many of the bombs did not explode on contact, and have been buried over time. This unexploded ordnance (UXO) has caused thousands of deaths and injuries, and continues to pose major threats to farmers and children living in the affected areas. Since 1995, World Education has been assisting UXO-affected communities project by upgrading the medical, surgical, and emergency services of district and provincial health facilities so that injured individuals have a greater chance of survival and full rehabilitation. World Education also trains emergency medical personnel in clinical, diagnostic and management skills.

In addition, the establishment of the War Victims Medical Fund (WVMF) by World Education in seven UXO impacted provinces in Laos ensures that the cost of medical treatment and transport for accident survivors who would otherwise be unable to afford care, are covered.


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