World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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World Education has produced a variety of slideshows that illustrate important events, highlight issues, and capture the breadth of our work.

Watch the slideshowChildren in Adversity
In honor of President Obama's Action Plan on Children in Adversity, World Education collaborated with John Snow, Inc. to develop a slideshow to further spread awareness about the world's most vulnerable children.

World Education and JSI are facing AIDSWorld AIDS Day 2010
In honor of World AIDS Day 2010, World Education and affiliate JSI staff joined together to participate in's facing AIDS initiative. More than 100 staff from both organizations spelled out why they were facing AIDS. All photos were also uploaded to the Flickr site, where more than 1500 portraits explain why people are facing AIDS this year.

Back to School: View the slideshowBack to School 2010
As children around the world head back to school, this slide show provides information on the importance of education and highlights some of World Education's work in formal education.

World Refugee Day 2010: View the slideshowWorld Refugee Day 2010
Each year, World Refugee Day shines a light on the plight of refugees ans displaced people around the world. World Education's work on the Thailand-Burma border is helping to provide essential health services and education to migrants, refugees, and other displaced persons from Burma who are living on the border.

Recognizing International Women's Day: March 8, 2010Empowering Women and Girls through Education: World Education Celebrates International Women's Day 2010
In honor of International Women's Day 2010, we have created a slide show that highlights several World Education programs that have helped unleash girls' and women's potential around the globe.

Batonga Girls' Education Program: Watch the slideshow.Batonga Foundation
World Education has partnered with the Batonga Foundation, founded by Angelique Kidjo, the West African singer, to support girls in Mali and Benin to continue their education through middle school and beyond. This slide show highlights the initiative and many of the girls who are benefiting from Batonga support. 2009.

International Women's Day 2009: Watch the slideshow.International Women's Day
In celebration of International Women's Day, World Education highlights some of the investments in livelihoods, education and health that are impacting women's lives. 2009.

Peep and World Education go to Cambodia: Watch the slideshow.Peep and the Big Wide World Goes to Cambodia
Watch the slide show of World Education's work with WGBH to adapt the pre-school show for Cambodian children. The slide show demonstrates how the concept was adapted and the film segments were shot. 2008.

World AIDS Day 2008: Learn MoreWorld AIDS Day
To highlight the toll HIV has taken around the world, World Education staff present startling statistics in recognition of World AIDS Day, 2008.

Educating Girls and Women: Watch the slideshow.Educating Girls and Women
World Education's Girls and Women's Initiative is inspiring imagination and ingenuity around the globe. Learn more about our work and how we impact girls and women's lives in countries around the globe. 2007.

Watch the slideshow.Ambassador's Girl's Scholarship Program "When I grow up, I want to be a ______"
World Education is addressing the constraints to girls' participation, retention, and achievement in school through the Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program in 12 countries. This slide show presents some of the recipients own hopes and dreams. 2007.

Read the Stories - Uganda AIM Program:  Building Communities and ServicesUganda AIM Program
Through the AIDS/HIV Integrated Model District Program (AIM), World Education and partner JSI Research & Training Institute, supported Uganda's decentralized response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic in 16 districts, reaching about 30 percent of the population. This feature presents highlights of people and organization's impacted by the program. 2006.