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Overcoming Obstacles

Part 2 of the We Are Adult Learners series, featuring stories from adult education students originally published for The Change Agent.

Whether they have overcome hunger or war and persecution, adult learners are working hard to make better lives for themselves and their families. They understand the transformative power of education, especially in the United States, where two-thirds of new jobs require postsecondary education.

In 2013 alone, the U.S. Office of Refugees served 143,000 adults and children from 65 countries. An important part of their resettlement process is learning English and how to navigate US institutions and systems, and gaining marketable skills. Adult education programs across the country carry the crucial responsibility to welcome and educate refugees and immigrants.

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Hunger is Painful - Jake Coakley

Jake shares a secret he has kept for most of his life.

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Making Ends Meet  - Casandra Wilson

One signature recipe keeps Casandra's family close, even during hard times.

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The War Destroyed Our Home, Our School, and Our Workplace
- Lamchit Phongphouthai

Lamchit's childhood in Laos was marked by conflict.

Davita's Story - Davita Carter

Davita did not let her disabilities stand in the way of an education.

My Letter to the Judge - John Ramos

John's teachers in prison have not given up on him.