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Adult Education Transforms Lives

Part 1 of the We Are Adult Learners series, featuring stories from adult education students originally published for The Change Agent.

These stories illustrate the many ways in which adult education helps adults of all ages build a better future for themselves and their families. Adult education builds skills and confidence that enable adults to set and pursue goals they often thought unachievable. Skilled teachers and a supportive learning environment are key in this process.

Deeqo Jibril

First, You Have to Believe in Yourself
By Deeqo Jibril

It’s been a long journey for me to come to where I am now.


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What You Plant Now You Will Harvest Later
By Renette Gonzalez

Renette starts giving back to her community and discovers herself along the way.


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Moving from Depression to Joy
By Loyda Navarro

At first, Loyda didn't know how to handle her depression diagnosis. Then she turned to learning.


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Two Times a Refugee
By Najirah Arife

Najirah finally finds her home in the United States.