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Engaging Youth As Changemakers

Sona is a seventh grader who lives with her grandparents and sister in rural Cambodia. Living in poverty without a home, Sona’s parents could not provide for their children and migrated to Thailand to earn money as construction workers. Sona had struggled throughout primary school. She was unable to read and write well or use basic calculation skills. “I was very afraid and felt sad when the teacher asked me to read or calculate,” says Sona.

Now, speaking about school, bright eyes and a big smile light up her face. “I go to school with hope, confidence, and happiness,” she says. She is determined to be a nurse in the future.

Since participating in Youth On The Move (YOTM) program, Sona not only improved her literacy and numeracy skills, she gained other skills, knowledge, and the confidence to apply herself and encougage others. “My parents value and believe the information I share with them,” Sona explains, “When they decided to migrate, they met with the YOTM working group. After that, they prepared documents for legal migration. While at that time, more than 90% of migrants were illegal.”