World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Empowering Girls to Learn and Lead

When Srey Nich was 16, she dropped out of school to help take care of her family. At that time, medical bills and debt had caused her parents to migrate to Thailand, and her oldest sister to take a job at an electronics factory. Srey Nich was left responsible for taking care of her younger sister, her grandmother, and the family’s house in rural Cambodia.

The next year, she heard about World Education’s Youth On The Move (YOTM) program and decided to enroll in the after school information and communications technology (ICT) course, a nonformal education class offered in her village. She picked up typing, desktop navigation, and other software-specific skills quickly. Srey Nich used her newfound skills to help other students while also assisting the class facilitator.

After completing the course, community members nominated Srey Nich to be a facilitator for other nonformal education classes. She was trained by YOTM and served her community for six months, coordinating youth meetings and facilitating workshops on topics ranging from financial management to health and nutrition to safe migration.

Srey Nich said that she gained important information about issues affecting youth like her, strengthened her critical thinking and communication skills, and deepened her relationships with community members. Her new skills and knowledge helped her identify a false advertisement about private schooling in the capital city and saved other youth from falling prey to the scam.

Empowered by her experiences, Srey Nich went back to finish school. “I spend some free time to help youth in the school computer lab,” Srey Nich said."The school director, teachers, and youth admire me and wondered how I have ICT skills.” Srey Nich wants to be a teacher and help younger generations thrive.