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Meeting Girls' Educational Needs

Deborah Bondo is an 11-year-old student living in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Just as she was about to start primary school, Deborah's father died. "My mother was left alone to care for seven children, but this didn't stop my mother from sending me to school," she says. Deborah began school, but there were many challenges; one month she would be in school while the next she would have to leave because her mother could not pay her school fees.

During the 2004-2005 school year, the Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program (AGSP) began working with the Maggie Lampkins Institute, a school in Deborah's community. She was one of the fortunate girls selected as a scholarship recipient by the AGSP. Scholars are selected by the community through a systematic process for identifying girls most in need.

Deborah's school fees and school supplies, such as books and pens, are supplied by the project. "I count myself blessed. I now feel joy because I can continue my schooling uninterrupted," she says. The Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program is supporting Deborah's mother's desire to educate her daughter. This ambition is not often seen in mothers who have lost their husband's financial support. Deborah's mother's dream of having an educated daughter and Deborah's dream of becoming a nurse is supported by the AGSP, which is being implemented by the Children Assistance Program in Liberia with support from World Education and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Deborah is now in the sixth grade and doing well in her classes. "I am very proud of Deborah for all her hard work," says Deborah's teacher.

Speaking with dedication and confidence, Deborah says, "When I become a nurse I will devote my time to saving the lives of mothers and fathers so I can save other children from the experience I had when I started schooling."