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Sundari's Bright Future

Sundari* and her family migrated from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, eight years ago in search of employment. Sundari joined the ConnectEd program, implemented in India by ABHAS in partnership with World Education, Inc. and the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation, and has attended school regularly ever since. Since joining ConnectEd, Sundari has proven to be a keen student with strong computer skills and hopes to one day attend college.

Recently, Sundari's family's financial situation worsened when her father underwent surgery and had to borrow a large amount of money for his treatment. Sundari's father lost his daily wage during his recovery, and has been unable to get another job since his injury. No longer able to provide for his family, Sundari's father stopped supporting her education. Yielding to family pressure, he decided to send Sundari to the village and marry her off before she could finish school. Sundari's brother also agreed with his father's decision.

After ConnectEd staff conducted a series of home visits to Sundari's house and offered her a scholarship to cover her tuition and transportation costs, Sundari's mother decided to support her in completing her education. Sundari's mother successfully convinced her father to let their daughter complete her schooling. Visiting ConnectEd to witness the classroom teaching, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Lab and computer-aided learning curriculum was a major turning point for Sundari's parents. Her mother announced to the family that if her husband could not support Sundari, then she would work to support Sundari's education herself. Her father has now requested that teachers let Sundari spend more time on the computer. He continues to look for a job, but also wants Sundari to study further. Sundari's parents even had tears in their eyes as they watched Sundari and her friends present a puppet show about their career aspirations.

ConnectEd continues to provide counseling to both Sundari and her parents to ensure that she is able to learn computer skills, finish school, and study further to prepare herself for the working world.