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From Drop-Out to Future Entrepreneur

ConnectEd sparked Panut's passion for baking, and now he hopes to open his own cafe.
Panut,* 19, recently completed his non-formal schooling at Yayasan Bina Insan Mandiri (YABIM) this past academic year. YABIM is an NGO that supports disadvantaged youth from the Depok area of greater Panutrta, Indonesia. YABIM, working in partnership with World Education, Inc. is providing access to and training for both students and teachers in Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills through the ConnectEd program.

Panut‘s mother and father used to have a peaceful marriage. The third of six children, Panut can still remember the time when his father provided for his wife and children. Then, one day, Panut’s family life changed. “My father decided to quit his job for no reason,” Panut says. Panut’s father also began mistreating his family—especially his wife. Unable to tolerate his father’s poor treatment of his mother, Panut would fight with his father regularly. He often wished he could leave home to get away from all the conflict. Without his father’s additional income, Panut’s mother struggled to raise her six children by working as a book seller. To make matters worse, Panut’s schoolmates would harass him about his family’s personal and financial problems.

During Panut’s second year of Senior High School, he was forced to drop out of school due to his family’s poor economic situation. Luckily for Panut, his neighbor introduced him to YABIM. The first time Panut came to YABIM, he doubted whether he would be able to continue his studies there. Panut also remembered the harassment and bullying from his old schoolmates.

Fortunately, Panut’s neighbor encouraged him to complete school, and Panut was well accepted by his YABIM classmates. Panut feels lucky that he began his schooling when YABIM started working with ConnectEd. “I learned so many new and vocational things here,” Panut says. “I gained a lot of knowledge about computers and discovered my eagerness for learning how to cook.” Panut adds that taking a computer or a cooking class would normally have cost a lot of money, but he was able to learn both skills for free at YABIM. “I had many new experiences -- even though sometimes they hurt! I’ve accidentally burned my hand or cut my finger when baking cookies before. But overall, I enjoy my classes very much!”Panut says. Panut enjoyed his cookie-making class so much that he wants to run his own bakery and café one day. Even though Panut has now graduated, he still attends the class to learn new recipes and teach his juniors how to make cookies.

Panut realizes that he will need more than just his Senior High School certificate to fully support his future. He plans to start selling his cookies and also look for a job in a bakery so that he can save money towards a marketing degree.

*Name has been changed