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Nepal: Laxmi - A Dream Fulfilled

Born in a family with four other siblings, Laxmi never had the opportunity to go to school. Her parents, who were poor, chose to send their only son to school in the Udayapur District in Eastern Terai of Nepal, and deprived the four daughters, including Laxmi, of even a basic education.

"I used to watch some of the girls of my village going to school and dream about being with them, having my own books," Laxmi says. "One day a teacher informed me, some of my friends, the local health post staff, and some people from my village about the GATE class. Once I told her that I was very interested in joining the class, she and others convinced my parents to let me do so."

Laxmi joined a GATE class, attending 6 two-hour classes a week for 9 months. In an interview after completing the GATE Program, Laxmi said, "I felt very happy in my class. Our facilitator was like a friend and we were always encouraged to learn from and help each other. Nine months passed with great fun. I never imagined that learning could be fun. After we learned to write few short sentences, we were encouraged to write in our journal everyday, whatever we felt about our class or life. The GATE class brought a great change in my life." Laxmi's enthusiasm was clear-she topped the class at the end of the year, scoring 83% marks. World Education chose her as the Best GATE Student of the Year. "After my parents found out about my ability to learn, they decided to let me go to the local school." Laxmi was admitted into Class 4 after taking the school admission test.

Laxmi has continued her study and is currently in middle school in Class 8. This year, she was also selected to be a facilitator of a GATE class run by the Nepal Red Cross Society with support from World Education. She is very proud to now group of 22 girls who would not otherwise be able to go to school. Today, Laxmi is continuing her own education; she is determined to complete at least her School Leaving Certificate examination after finishing Class 10, and look for better opportunities such as continuing her schooling or finding a job.

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