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While World Education conducted various capacity building activities in Mozambique NGOs and government partners in the mid-1990s, only recently has World Education had a full complement of staff in an office there.
Since 2012, World Education has participated in the rebuilding and rapid expansion of the Mozambique educational system through the USAID-funded Early Grade Reading program.

The Mozambique education system suffered under the debilitating conflicts of a long colonial period, a 10-year war for independence, and 16 years of civil war. The situation improved after the end of the war in 1992, and children were encouraged to attend school. A rapid expansion, however, has resulted in too-few qualified teachers and has overburdened school and district managers, among other critical challenges. In 2007, one million children still did not go to school, most of them from poor rural families, and almost half of all teachers in Mozambique were still unqualified.

To address these challenges, World Education is implementing the Aprender a Ler (Learn to Read): Mozambique Early Grade Reading Project, funded by USAID. The primary focus of the project is to improve reading outcomes for students in grades 2-3 in more than 1,000 urban and rural schools by training teachers, creating instructional materials, and designing evaluation tools to measure reading improvements.


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View details: USAID | Vamos Ler! (Let's Read!)

USAID | Vamos Ler! (Let's Read!)

World Education, Inc. is helping improve early grade reading outcomes in the target Mozambican provinces of Nampula and Zambézia.

View details: Peace Corps Mozambique Literacy Training and Evaluation Services

Peace Corps Mozambique Literacy Training and Evaluation Services

World Education is training Peace Corps Volunteers to teach literacy and set up community libraries, and providing technical assistance in the evaluation of program impact.

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Força à Comunidade e Crianças Project (FCC) - Child and Community Strengthening

The USAID | FCC project is strengthening family-centered, community-based approaches for care, support, and protection of orphans and vulnerable children.


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